A-Z Blogging Challenge – F


F is for Family

Family is so very important in ones life… but not just the family we’re connected to by blood. The family that we build around ourselves can sometimes be even more important to us than those to whom we are connected.

Now, don’t get me wrong –  my mom, kids, grandparents… those people mean more to me than any other… but they’re not always the most important at any given time.

You see, we’ve been grafted into the family of God. Joint heirs with Jesus to the kingdom. That family – the relationship with Jesus. His is the most important relationship in ones life – and without him there is no hope for other relationships to work.

But there are people too, people who are in your life to be a blessing or even to be a trial… to teach a lesson that otherwise could not be learned. Some of these people become so deeply rooted in our hearts that they become part of our earthly family. Friends so dear that it would be like losing part of ourselves to lose them.

Then there are our spouses. They should be closer than a brother. Your spouse should be your best friend. Someone you can tell anything, be yourself with always, and that share your hopes and dreams as if they were their own. Someone who loves you as you love yourself… as we are commanded to love each other. This is family – biblically its the start of a “new family”, a cleaving of man to wife – a separation of blood family and the beginning of the heart family.

These friendships, or kinships – they’re important to how we perceive the world. These friendships help shape us into who we are, and who we will be in the future.

Treat your friends well. Shower them with love. Let them know how much you care – for tomorrow may be too late.

Happy F Day!



A-Z Blogging Challenge – D



D is for Don’t… just… Don’t

So, we’ve all had the moment right? Your child, someone elses child, someone… somewhere… gives you a “Don’t… Just… Don’t…” moment.

What is a DJD moment you ask?

Oh, well you know… the moment that your 15  year old daughter does any of the following:

  • Announces loudly at her father’s company dinner with his boss that “of course she knows how to twerk… her mother is the best at it.
  • Comes out of her room dressed in something that could be a floor length full cover gown… for smurfette… and proceeds to brag about how she found it in your closet…

Oh you get my drift – same thing with boys… or other people’s kids… or anyone for that matter; those moments in which you just cringe in embarrassment… for yourself, for them, for everyone in hearing distance…

I have moments like this at work. When little old men who think they’re still “funky fresh” try out their best lines on me. Its rather humorous to say the least.

I’ve had the “don’t” statement met with wailing and gnashing of teeth… the rolling of eyes… the inevitable “aww mom”. But still I stand fast. Just… Don’t. No.

Don’t… Just… Don’t, okay? We can get along a whole lot better if you just… don’t.

  • Don’t judge.
  • Don’t discourage.
  • Don’t divulge (secrets)
  • Don’t rely entirely on the kindness of others… DO something for yourself.
  • Don’t be shy, ask if you need help.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t cheat.
  • Don’t steal.

You know… Just don’t.

What kind of “Don’t… Just… Don’t…” moments have you had?

Happy “D” day!

A-Z Blogging Challenge – E



E is for Energizing

Recently, with all the health scares going on, I have taken the time to look for things to energize me. Things that I find to be just plain exhilarating. Stuff that makes me catch my breath, take a second look, and really appreciate God’s divine handiwork.

I find that some of the most energizing things for me are free, fun, and healthy to boot!

My absolute number one energizer? Waterfalls.



Something about the turbid flow of water, the total dominance of the landscape, and the unbelievable beauty calls to me… seemingly runs through my veins and makes me feel amazing.

Another energizer for me? Spending time with these guys:


They make me laugh, keep me young, and always, always make me believe in myself.

I’m a truly blessed woman. I have so many, many things to be thankful for. I have my kids, former step kids, seven amazing grandkids… I don’t know if I could ask for anything more… but an afternoon by a waterfall, with the love of my life? That’s a pretty good start!

Happy E Day

A-Z Blogging Challenge – C



C is for Chickens

Most of my experience with chickens is from childhood. I bear a scar on my face from a very exuberant rooster. I had gone into the coop to gather eggs, and the rooster had decided that one of the hens was going to set her eggs – and when she cackled a little bit, he jumped on me. He got me in the face with his dew claw, and it hurt – we had him for Sunday dinner that week. He made an awesome pot of chicken and yellow rice.

However, in a few months, we’re buying a farm. We have the condo for sale now… and we’re just waiting for a few things to line up – then we’re going to be farmers.

We want to be self sustaining, so we’ll have some chickens, goats, gardens, and maybe even a cow or two. It will be a nice change for us all to work for what we need instead of working for the money to buy it.

I look forward to my own little bunch of hens. I’m excited to begin a journey of living off the land and growing organic wholesome foods for my family. And I can’t even help but tell you how cute baby chickens are.

Happy C Day!

A-Z Blogging Challenge 2014 – B


B is for Broken

In the dictionary, the word broken is defined as: separated into parts or pieces by being hit, damaged, etc. : not working properly. : not kept or honored.

I want to speak to that last one… not kept or honored.

We all make promises, every single day… whether they be to ourselves or others; we make promises. And I’ve noticed that we’re less likely to feel bad about breaking them these days. We don’t seem to be bothered by breaking even the most solemn of promises to each other – or to God.

And we are all guilty of it. The Bible says that broken promises are worse that clouds that don’t bring rain.

Proverbs 25: 14 Like clouds and wind without rain
    is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give.

Now, what does that mean? Does it mean that if we break a promise to someone, ourselves… GOD; Can we be forgiven? Do we still deserve His love and mercy? Are we still on the path to heaven? Even if we’ve divorced (some of us more than once), lied on our taxes, cheated on our spouses… can we still be forgiven?

Well, yes… of course we can! The Bible does not say that God withholds forgiveness for these things. God withholds forgiveness from noone who seeks His face. One need only to ask.

There is another type of broken. The kind of broken we feel when a promise to us is not fulfilled. The kind of broken we feel when someone we love passes away. The kind of broken we feel when God puts us on our knees with an overwhelming need to pray.

I’ve been on both ends of this word, and I’ll have to say that I don’t feel good about either of them. I don’t wallow in the sorrow of the promises that were made and not kept to me… and I don’t wallow in the guilt and self recrimination of the promises I have broken to others.

I have asked forgiveness for the wrongs I have committed. I have forgiven those who have committed wrongs against me. I love everyone the way I have been commanded to do.

I am living my life full, fulfilled and free. And it is an amazing feeling.

Happy B Day!


A-Z Blogging Challenge – A is for Acknowledge



Welcome to Day 1 of the A-Z Blogging Challenge for 2014! So happy to have you with me!

I’m so excited to be embarking once again on this journey. Last year’s A-Z can be found in the menu above… or by clicking >here<!

So without further ado – lets kick this bad boy off.

A is for Acknowledge

The dictionary defines it as: accept or admit the existence or truth of.

The Bible says a lot about acknowledging Him:

Proverbs 3: 6
“In all of thy ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct thy paths.”

Luke 12:8
 “I tell you, whoever publicly acknowledges me before others, the Son of Man will also acknowledge before the angels of God.

Matthew 10: 32
“Everyone who acknowledges me publicly here on earth, I will also acknowledge before my Father in heaven.

So, what does it mean to acknowledge Him?

Today, for those of us living in the 21st century in the USA, it’s a lot easier to acknowledge Him than it has ever been. We’re not persecuted for our beliefs nearly as much here as those in other countries, or those who came before us.

We are however surrounded by the temptation to deny him at every opportunity because we fear persecution. We’re afraid of what others might think. We don’t want our friends to think we’re one of those crazy “Jesus Freaks”.

But, He plainly tells us – if we deny Him here on earth before men… He will deny us in Heaven before His Father… Our Heavenly Father… God will spew us out of His mouth.

Acknowledging Him can be as simple as thanking Him for everything you have. Acknowledging Him can be as easy as saying “God is the reason this is successful”. Give Him credit where credit is due – in every single aspect of your life.

Be thankful for all you have, pray without ceasing, and remember He is the reason you have all that you have, and are all that you are.

Happy A Day! 🙂


April A-Z 2014

Wow, April is just around the corner. Which of course means the April A-Z Blogging Challenge is upon me once again. I’m participating – and honestly have not nailed down a theme yet. Not sure what this year’s theme will be… but it is sure to be interesting to see (for me anyway) what my brain decides it wants to settle on.

So, I hope that you’ll follow me this coming month for the blog challenge – and maybe even stick around afterward for the “regular” stuff.

Happy Saturday y’all!