State of the Blog – January

So a new year has arrived and with it new opportunity here on the blog to explore areas I wish to delve into.  I love this blog and want to make it something special for those who come to visit, so I will be visiting several new ideas and series over the next few weeks as I try once again to define just where Set in My Ways is going.

Yesterday’s post The Good Wife got plenty of visits – and I was pleased to see that. Which means I will most likely be writing more posts like that one. Also I will be doing a series that details my adventures in weight loss… my very first time in my life dieting. I’ve joined a focus group at work to test a new diet product one of our providers is offering and I’ll be in a three month study. I do not know yet how much I am allowed to say about my progress and the product here -but will find out when I sign my waivers this coming week. Once I know more, I’ll certainly share with you all.

I don’t really have a lot of actual weight to lose, but I do need to lose some inches… and tone the “girls” down a bit… in order to fit into my formal for our cruise this spring… Yes, I said that right – I’m going on a cruise this spring. To the Bahamas baby… yeah – life is that good. That too will be shared as it will be a bunch of firsts for me… First time out of the country, on a cruise ship, and taking a major vacation with one of my adult kids. I’m sure there will be plenty of photos to share!

I hope to be able to share some delish new recipes, as I explore healthier eating and cooking in the coming year.

Oh, and definitely look for some more Norman Rockwell inspired posts coming soon. If you missed them last time you can find them here.

Well, I guess that about sums it up. Happy 2014 Ya’ll!