A-Z Blogging Challenge – F


F is for Family

Family is so very important in ones life… but not just the family we’re connected to by blood. The family that we build around ourselves can sometimes be even more important to us than those to whom we are connected.

Now, don’t get me wrong –  my mom, kids, grandparents… those people mean more to me than any other… but they’re not always the most important at any given time.

You see, we’ve been grafted into the family of God. Joint heirs with Jesus to the kingdom. That family – the relationship with Jesus. His is the most important relationship in ones life – and without him there is no hope for other relationships to work.

But there are people too, people who are in your life to be a blessing or even to be a trial… to teach a lesson that otherwise could not be learned. Some of these people become so deeply rooted in our hearts that they become part of our earthly family. Friends so dear that it would be like losing part of ourselves to lose them.

Then there are our spouses. They should be closer than a brother. Your spouse should be your best friend. Someone you can tell anything, be yourself with always, and that share your hopes and dreams as if they were their own. Someone who loves you as you love yourself… as we are commanded to love each other. This is family – biblically its the start of a “new family”, a cleaving of man to wife – a separation of blood family and the beginning of the heart family.

These friendships, or kinships – they’re important to how we perceive the world. These friendships help shape us into who we are, and who we will be in the future.

Treat your friends well. Shower them with love. Let them know how much you care – for tomorrow may be too late.

Happy F Day!



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