30 Day Blog Journal – Day 22

So today is Day 22 and is supposed to be a website… hrm. A website…

Well, let’s see… there’s Facebook, where I spend time farming, frontieering, and egg breaking.

There’s Twitter, where I spend time updating the world on various activities around the house.

Then we have Bloggy Moms, SITS, and Tots To Teens where I spend my time posting and drumming up business for our new Web magazine.

But you know what website I really like?

HEH – don’t you dare laugh… well at least not at me:


This is my website addiction!!!


I am guest writing over at Nurses Notes today, go check it out, and leave some love behind!

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 21

Wowzers… three weeks in! 21 days, and we’re almost done! Just a few more posts, and we’re golden! HAHAHAH

Today is day 21 and is a recipe! Now I do dearly love to cook! Oh boy do I love to cook! I also have a blog where I share recipe’s with my girls from time to time… and now I get to share one of those with you!

So here you go:

Garlic Stuffed Pork Roast with Pepper Bacon Crust

Here’s the gang: (rather short/easy list tonight) preheat oven to 425 degrees…
3-5 lb pork roast (I always use the tender loin)
1/2 lb bacon (yep, you knew I’d get around to it sooner or later, didn’t you)??
Garlic (2-3 cloves depending on size of roast) If you happen to slice up too much, don’t despair — make the potatoes!

Just a note here – this is a 5 lb roast – I paid $7.92 for it and we didn’t even eat half the roast. Normally I buy a 20-lb roast and divide it into three equal portions… this was on sale at Walmart for $1.48 a lb!!!
Wash and dry your roast — imperative! I never, ever cook meat that I don’t wash unless it’s ground or tenderized… just a safety precaution. Be sure to trim any thick fat from the roast – I always leave a thin layer for better flavor.
With a serrated (steak) knife punch holes throughout the roast (fat side up).

See all the holes? Lots of holes — the more the better! I usually poke the knife in and twist a couple of times to ensure the hole stays visible.
Now for the garlic

Hi there garlic cloves… do you know how much I love you???
Slice the garlic from tip to tail:

If you chopped instead of sliced and your garlic does not look like the above picture — put the chopped aside for the potatoes and slice some!
Stuff the garlic in the holes — all of them, and fill ’em up!

Make sure every hole has garlic in it

See the garlic peeking out? It’s OK for it to peek out, it will settle in soon enough… for we are about to give the garlic a lovely blanket… of pepper!
Sprinkle a decent layer of pepper over the roast to cover. Remember this is a Pepper Bacon crust we’re making so be generous!

Add salt to taste, remember you can be generous…your roast will love you for it…

Bacon… where did you come from? Did you know it was your turn??
Notice that I’ve halved the bacon slices, half a slice is a more manageable size…use however many pieces you need to cover the top of your roast.

Cover the entire top of the roast — look at all that pepper in my pan… oh if I were making gravy this stuff would be awesome!
Cover pan with foil and place in preheated oven for 20 to 25 minutes per pound.
About 30 minutes before the cook time ends, remove the foil and pour 1/2 cup water gently over the bacon – this allows the juices to drip into the pan and makes for wonderful gravy!

Some of my garlic tried to escape… that’s fine, it’s not going far!
Remove the roast from the oven and allow to stand about 5 minutes before slicing — this allows the meat to ‘set up’ and makes it very juicy!
Slice and enjoy!

Oh yum! You can see some garlic there… oh this roast is good!

There you have it guys… I hope that you try it, and love it as much as we do!

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 24

Whew… coming to an end of this guys… only a few more days!

Today is Day 24 of my blog journal – and it’s about where I live…

I live in a small town in Northwest Georgia. The town of Rome.

Rome is an interesting town, really. It’s small to say the least. Well, small to me, the population is just over 34,000 and is really the largest city in Northwest Georgia.

We have three colleges – Shorter, Georgia Highlands, and Berry.

Martha Berry is probably by far the most famous citizen of this town. Quite an interesting story she has… just click the link for the Wiki!

President Woodrow Wilson’s wife  is buried in Myrtle Hill cemetery, along with scads of Civil War soldiers, both Confederate and Union.

Much of Rome was spared during Sherman’s March to the Sea because the downtown area had been converted to a giant hospital. Serving both sides, Sherman had mercy on a merciful town, and didn’t carry out his Special Orders to their fullest in our city.

Martha Berry College is really a very beautiful campus:


The Clock Tower downtown is beautiful!!


And here’s how the town looked during a nasty flood in the 1800’s


Also in the 1800’s:


Yes, Rome, Georgia has a vast and varied history. It’s a quaint little town.

But behind the scenes Rome also has an unemployment rate of 10.8. Next week another plant will close. 500 people will no longer have jobs.

Rome has two movie theaters, but it’s nearly $8 each for adults.

Rome also has a methamphetamine problem, and gang related crimes are on the rise.

Unfortunately this could be said for any town in the US today.

Stay tuned… Day 25 is about my day… in great detail – oh joy… You know, on second thought, you might just want to skip tomorrow and come on back for Day 26, which is my week in great detail… although I don’t know if putting an entire week’s worth of days together in one post would be more interesting, or more painful… I guess we’ll find out!

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 20

Today is day 20 and it is supposed to be a hobby of mine. I talked on Day 19, which was supposed to be yesterday – but wasn’t… don’t judge… it’s been a busy week… On Day 19 I talked about a talent of mine, and discussed my jewelry making.  I would imagine it would really qualify as a hobby, since I really haven’t sold anything so it’s not really a business.

However, I’m going to talk about the hobby I spend the most time on when I’m not here, and that’s gaming.

I’ve talked before about what a wired family we are… and how much we all love to game. Recently, I moved out of the realm of “games for kids” and into big people games on the Xbox 360. Now, instead of playing Lego Star Wars, UP, or Lego Indiana Jones – I’m playing things like Assassins Creed 2, Bio-Shock, and Fallout 3.

It really isn’t a new hobby either, this is something I’ve done for a LONG time. My son Jon and I used to compete to see who could beat the new game first. I would play while he was in school, and he would play in the evenings. Whoever beat the game first won. It was always my son.

Of course I did realize that I was gaming with a gaming genius. There’s not been a video game of any format that he couldn’t beat!  The challenge was always fun!

Yeah… I know, funny hobby for a  40-something grandmother… but hey, you have to do something!

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 19

A talent of mine… hmmmm…

Well, I apparently have a talent for keeping children alive… so far out of our seven, not even one of them has been mortally wounded. I figure that’s a darned good talent to have… especially with as many kids as we have roaming about.

I also have a little bit of an “artistic” flair…

I made the jewelry, and took the photo…

Just a couple of the pieces I’ve done… I love making custom one-of-a kind stuff… of course trying to sell them isn’t easy.

I also write, unless you haven’t noticed. Sometimes, I even write well.

I guess I’m multi-talented… 😀

Tomorrow will be Day 20 – and it’s a hobby of mine… ummm – well if you don’t utilize your talents as hobbies they’re wasted… we’ll see if I can come up with something 😉

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 18

So Day 18 is about my wedding, or my future wedding…

Wow…I guess I could talk about my first wedding… eh – other than my uncle giving me away, it was a true non event.  My second wedding was nice… however, my future/former mother-in-law came in and took over. She hurt my mom’s feelings, and I never got over it.

Then there was my third wedding… which was by far the most awesome – I made my dress, and one of my bridesmaids dresses. I created all the flower arrangements and bouquets. My best-friend since first grade made the cake. It was pretty… but again – other than those few special things… totally a non event.

But… the most memorable thing about my third wedding (other than the divorce), was the honeymoon.

Now, I got married on September 1. Yes, I know – silly me, I forgot it was Labor Day… *uggh*. Thankfully, there were no military funerals that weekend, or we would have had no tents. Please, don’t ask… It’s really a long, and very touching story.

Anyway, digression is my favorite pastime I think…

We scheduled a 10 day vacation touring our nations capital. It was a $3,000 trip that had us leaving on September 2 and returning on September 12. Oh, yeah… guess I forgot to mention the year… the year was 2001. We were scheduled to tour the Smithsonian’s, Air and Space, the National Zoo, Arlington Cemetery, and finally on our last day, the 11th – the Pentagon.

Yes… I did say it. We were scheduled to tour the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Our tour, according to the travel agent, was scheduled to start at 9:15 and we should always arrive 15 minutes early. That would have placed us in the Pentagon on September 11, 2001 – at 8:30 A.M. (because my husband translated the “15” minute wait into 30 for government).

However, waaay back on September 1, 2001 – remember this is about my wedding, a friend from my husband’s work offered us a deal we could not refuse. Not only could not, but would not! The offer??  Only a freakin’ condo on Folly Beach in Charleston SC… rent free – for a WEEK!

OK – two reasons this vacation could not be ignored… 1. it was FREE 2. It was Charleston freakin’ South Carolina


So we went to Charleston and ate the most incredible seafood. I made homemade key lime pie. We drank a lot of vodka. We strolled on the very private beach. We toured Old Charleston and photographed cemeteries, grave stones, church steeples, statues, and more. We drove out to Patriot’s Point and toured the air craft carrier. We toured a German U-boat. We even tried a flight simulation…

It was an amazing and wonderful week…

We came home from our vacation and had a week to settle into the groove of combining our homes… and our kids. We took in movies, went hiking, walked on the river, and bought a dog. On September 11th, I went back to work. My husband stayed home. He was asleep when we heard the news…

Is it not the most amazing thing? How God works? The things He does to protect His children?

Ya’ll I firmly believe that God laid it on our friends heart to give us his condo for a week. He knew what was about to happen… and knew where we would be. He felt that it wasn’t our time, and He changed our plans.

Our God protected us.

The horror of the following days sunk in and we both experienced a true sense of relief. It was incredible to think where we would have been inside the Pentagon when that plane hit the building… thank God we didn’t have to find out.

Tomorrow is Day 19, and is about a talent of mine. Also, check out Nurse’s Notes on Wednesday; I’m guest posting over there about being a teenaged mom. I’m so excited and honored to be featured over there! Please, stop by and show some love!!!

30 Day Blog Journal – Day 17

Today is Day 17 of the Blog Journal and it’s an “art piece”…

Well, I have some artwork that I truly treasure…






These are “flash” for tattoos that my son draws… he’s really talented, yet refuses to show his work to any of the studios around here.

I’m getting the butterfly done on my shoulder when I can afford it… He’s also working on his version of the “Tree of Life”… can’t wait to see it!


That’s it – my favorite art piece(s)!