And here we are!

So we’ve moved in… last Wednesday that is.
I don’t know what I expected when we bought the place, I really don’t. I guess I was thinking that things would just be ready for us. HA!
I could not have been more wrong. Now… please note that I am not complaining here… not at al! I totally am in LOVE with our farm! But…
We’ve been here since Wednesday, and just got power turned this week – because we had to do about $500 worth of repairs to the electrical system before they’d turn it on.
They did turn it on today (so now my phone and tablet will stop being on the verge of dying all the time, yay!) and we were soooo excited! But… when we went to the basement to prime the water pump, it turns out to be bad. Theres a leak in the system that’s irreparable and the pump has to be replaced. So… with that knowledge we’ve decided, for the short term, that we’ll hook up to the county water system. They’ll contact us in the next 48 to 72 hours to set up a day to come out…
So far we’re amazed with the kindness of the people we’ve met. If you’re interested in hearing more – come on over to Star Dollar Farm and pay us a visit!

Pins & Needles

You ever have something that you want to happen right away and it seems to drag on forever?

Yeah… buying a house is just like that. You hurry up and find the one you want – you negotiate your way to an acceptable price, you put up the earnest money…

Then you wait.

Wait for the title search, wait for the closing date, wait for the movers, wait for the boxes…

I don’t want to wait – I want to blink my eyes and wake up to coffee on my deck with my grandsons playing in the backyard; I want to wake up to a pantry filled with goodies and a garden filled with delights.

I want to wake up, gather eggs, milk goats, and make cheese.

Patience is a virtue I wish I had more of.



Well, we’ve gone and done it now y’all!


That is the view from the back deck of the house we bought yesterday.

Yep, we bought a house. In the middleofnowhere Kentucky. Actually, its not really nowhere… we’ll be about an hour from Louisville… and the two little minions who stole my heart – my grandsons.

We’ve initiated the sale… and provided our earnest money. Now we just wait for the title search and closing date. Meanwhile – my house looks a little like this:


It’s pretty much wall-to-wall boxes. I’ll be spending the next few days/weeks packing and getting our house ready to move. I’ve also got to plan a trip to Florida to see my family there. My brother has been really sick after having a stroke. I’ve not seen him in a very long time, so we’re going to go visit him – and then go see my grandma and uncles/aunts/cousins that live in the area as well.

Its going to be a busy couple of months. Thankfully, I’m not working anymore so I’ve got time to do all this crazy stuff.

I’ll also be planning a whole new blog for you all… following my adventures as a Homesteader and Chicken Herder. Visit me over at The Hopeful Homestead soon!

Oh boy!

Its really happening guys. I quit my job today. The bank account has a sum of money sufficient to purchase our homestead. House shopping begins in earnest next week. I’ll (hopefully) share as much of the journey as I can with you all.
For now… I’ll just say – whoohooo!!!!!

Live, Laugh, Love

Living is what we do daily and how we do it greatly impacts everyone around us.

Have you ever noticed that laughter is contagious? Think about it – name one time that regardless of the circumstances you were unable to at least smile inside over the deep, real, engaging laughter of someone truly happy about something. And you can tell – a fake laugh never makes it to the eyes. For an example of truly happy laughter watch a child abandon themselves to it.

Their eyes light up, they grab their tummy, and they roll with it. The entire body gets involved in true laughter. And with cheeks hurting, sides splitting, and breath coming in short gasps – you feel a release inside. A welling up of happiness, satisfaction, and peace.

They say laughter is the best medicine and in some cases they’re right. Laughter allows our body to produce chemicals that make us feel better. The better we feel the more we laugh… the more of the chemicals our brain produces, and the better we feel… it’s an amazingly beautiful circle of life – that most of us pass up in lieu of more important things

School, work, chores, home, bills, children, responsibilities. These things all take a toll on our ability to laugh freely and with abandon. Or at least we generally give them the power to do so. Have you ever opened a bill and started laughing? No, not many people do – unless it’s the sarcastic “they really think I have that kind of money” type of laugh.

No, adults tend to have more and more on their plates to prevent that whole-hearted laughter from pressing in and making them feel better.

Without laughter this no real living. Without true living there is no real love.

We must learn to embrace this life with laughter. Find the humor in the small things and let yourself get carried away with it from time to time. It won’t hurt – I promise… well… maybe just a little soreness in the cheeks from smiling and in the ribs from laughing… but it’s a good pain – and the great feelings you get are worth it.

Want an even better feeling? Lose it with your kids! Show them how to laugh with such utter abandon that you literally roll on the floor laughing out loud. They’ll enjoy it, and I promise – so will you!

What makes you laugh out loud?


And we all know that I’m so good at announcing the month by now, right?

Yeah. June is upon us in my little corner of crazy. I wonder some days… is it just me or does it seem to everyone that 2014 seems to be zipping past at the speed of light?

I don’t know what is up with that, but… I think I’m ready for it to STOP.

So, June is supposed to be house shopping month. Only, we’ve heard things. Things that might be slowing down the process… not things from really good sources mind you – frantic ramblings of a desperately demented woman; who would do anything to ruin your parade given any opportunity… so I take it all with a grain of salt and count my blessings; that storm too will eventually play itself out.

June is also supposed to be “retirement” month for me. I’m not sure what to think about this. I’ve been working at one job or another since I was 15. That’s the better part of 30 years. I don’t know what I’ll do with myself. Oh, wait… yes I do.

Chickens, goats, ducks, geese, cows, and pigs. That is what I’ll do. Starting small with chickens and goats. Moving forward with cows and pigs once I’ve got my handles on the others… maybe, just maybe even a horse – you know… just to get around.

Gads, there is so much to do… and so little time in which to do it. I can only hope that we’re prepared for this challenge. Oh, and that everything falls into place at just the right time – as things tend to do.

Happy Thursday!