And here we are!

So we’ve moved in… last Wednesday that is.
I don’t know what I expected when we bought the place, I really don’t. I guess I was thinking that things would just be ready for us. HA!
I could not have been more wrong. Now… please note that I am not complaining here… not at al! I totally am in LOVE with our farm! But…
We’ve been here since Wednesday, and just got power turned this week – because we had to do about $500 worth of repairs to the electrical system before they’d turn it on.
They did turn it on today (so now my phone and tablet will stop being on the verge of dying all the time, yay!) and we were soooo excited! But… when we went to the basement to prime the water pump, it turns out to be bad. Theres a leak in the system that’s irreparable and the pump has to be replaced. So… with that knowledge we’ve decided, for the short term, that we’ll hook up to the county water system. They’ll contact us in the next 48 to 72 hours to set up a day to come out…
So far we’re amazed with the kindness of the people we’ve met. If you’re interested in hearing more – come on over to Star Dollar Farm and pay us a visit!