A-Z Blogging Challenge – D



D is for Don’t… just… Don’t

So, we’ve all had the moment right? Your child, someone elses child, someone… somewhere… gives you a “Don’t… Just… Don’t…” moment.

What is a DJD moment you ask?

Oh, well you know… the moment that your 15  year old daughter does any of the following:

  • Announces loudly at her father’s company dinner with his boss that “of course she knows how to twerk… her mother is the best at it.
  • Comes out of her room dressed in something that could be a floor length full cover gown… for smurfette… and proceeds to brag about how she found it in your closet…

Oh you get my drift – same thing with boys… or other people’s kids… or anyone for that matter; those moments in which you just cringe in embarrassment… for yourself, for them, for everyone in hearing distance…

I have moments like this at work. When little old men who think they’re still “funky fresh” try out their best lines on me. Its rather humorous to say the least.

I’ve had the “don’t” statement met with wailing and gnashing of teeth… the rolling of eyes… the inevitable “aww mom”. But still I stand fast. Just… Don’t. No.

Don’t… Just… Don’t, okay? We can get along a whole lot better if you just… don’t.

  • Don’t judge.
  • Don’t discourage.
  • Don’t divulge (secrets)
  • Don’t rely entirely on the kindness of others… DO something for yourself.
  • Don’t be shy, ask if you need help.
  • Don’t lie.
  • Don’t cheat.
  • Don’t steal.

You know… Just don’t.

What kind of “Don’t… Just… Don’t…” moments have you had?

Happy “D” day!

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