Live, Laugh, Love

Living is what we do daily and how we do it greatly impacts everyone around us.

Have you ever noticed that laughter is contagious? Think about it – name one time that regardless of the circumstances you were unable to at least smile inside over the deep, real, engaging laughter of someone truly happy about something. And you can tell – a fake laugh never makes it to the eyes. For an example of truly happy laughter watch a child abandon themselves to it.

Their eyes light up, they grab their tummy, and they roll with it. The entire body gets involved in true laughter. And with cheeks hurting, sides splitting, and breath coming in short gasps – you feel a release inside. A welling up of happiness, satisfaction, and peace.

They say laughter is the best medicine and in some cases they’re right. Laughter allows our body to produce chemicals that make us feel better. The better we feel the more we laugh… the more of the chemicals our brain produces, and the better we feel… it’s an amazingly beautiful circle of life – that most of us pass up in lieu of more important things

School, work, chores, home, bills, children, responsibilities. These things all take a toll on our ability to laugh freely and with abandon. Or at least we generally give them the power to do so. Have you ever opened a bill and started laughing? No, not many people do – unless it’s the sarcastic “they really think I have that kind of money” type of laugh.

No, adults tend to have more and more on their plates to prevent that whole-hearted laughter from pressing in and making them feel better.

Without laughter this no real living. Without true living there is no real love.

We must learn to embrace this life with laughter. Find the humor in the small things and let yourself get carried away with it from time to time. It won’t hurt – I promise… well… maybe just a little soreness in the cheeks from smiling and in the ribs from laughing… but it’s a good pain – and the great feelings you get are worth it.

Want an even better feeling? Lose it with your kids! Show them how to laugh with such utter abandon that you literally roll on the floor laughing out loud. They’ll enjoy it, and I promise – so will you!

What makes you laugh out loud?


A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 30



Z is for Zest

A hearty pleasure or appreciation of things. Zest. Also, the outermost rind of a citrus fruit. Used to spice things up a bit.


We need to learn to live with zest. Relish each and every  moment of each and every day we have on this planet.

We owe it to ourselves to live a life full of enjoyment and love.

We need happiness in our lives to survive. Without it we would surely fade away.

Embrace your life, no matter how rough, no matter how hard. Look for the good things. Seek out the pleasures, no  matter how small, and focus on them. Learn to incorporate what makes us happy into our every day lives.

It makes a difference.

Take time out for you and make certain that you approach your time with zest. It’s about making yourself happy. Feeling good about yourself. Grabbing life by the horns and making it a ride to remember!

Enjoy your life, celebrate the little things. Live with Zest.

How are you living with zest?

A Note from the Author: 

Well, that’s it y’all. One month of posts. I did it! I made it all the way to z, and damn it feels good.

I hope that my words have inspired some of you.

I hope that I have brought a smile to your faces.

I have been so blessed to know there is someone out there reading. Please, feel free to comment, and share these posts. Maybe someone can benefit from my words.

Please, stick around! I love hearing from you.

Above all else, my friends, stay happy!

A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 5


E Is for Excitement

Excitement can come from many places… the birth of a child, the start of a new job, or relationship… it can even come from getting that rockin’ new pair of shoes you’ve saved for.

Excitement can also be fleeting and disappear quickly. You have to learn how to keep it alive. How?
By recognizing the signs of waning excitement – especially in relationships. You have to see when things are becoming “routine” – because while some routine can be good – it can also signal the death of a relationship.

You have to keep things exciting – date nights, quiet walks, simple pleasures that make you both feel special and loved. That’s the most important thing you can do.

It makes sense to keep excitement alive and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Something as simple as a candlelit dinner for two in your own dining room can do wonders for you.

It’s the same for anything you do – work, play, life in general. When things get dull, you have to spice them up… If you do what you’ve always done… you get what you’ve always got!

What do you do to increase the excitement in your life?

A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 3


C is for Changes

I don’t think that change is easy for anyone. We get comfortable, settled, and we want to stay that way. Whether it’s moving, having a baby, losing a loved one, divorce, separation, or a new job… change scares us. It’s the fear of the unknown… the “what if” that we have such a hard time handling.

I stayed in my relationship with the SO for ten years because it was comfortable. Things were mostly settled. We had a routine – and we were rooted in that routine.  Things were in fact stagnant.  Nothing was growing. Nothing was moving. Things were sour for lack of a better term.

It wasn’t until I went to visit my daughter and grandsons that I realized that I could breathe easier… I didn’t feel oppressed by everything around me – I felt relaxed and unencumbered. I hadn’t felt that way in such a long time, that I didn’t even realize it until my daughter noticed the difference in me after a few days at her house. She remarked that I seemed more relaxed than I had in forever.

It was then that I started to make the lists… advantages and disadvantages; pros and cons; likes and dislikes. I found that the negatives of staying in the relationship far outweighed the positives. I made a choice. I chose change.

I haven’t looked back, nor have I regretted it for one single moment. Do I miss the kids… yes, yes I do. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of Little Man and wish I could see or talk to him. In some ways I miss Our Girl too… and my heart breaks when I think of Our Guy out there in the world on his own… that boy just worries me.

I miss my friends who turned their backs on me because I made the choice to make a better life for myself.

But, I don’t regret it – because what I have gained from all of this far exceeds what I have lost.  I have gained a newfound sense of self. I have regained my self-esteem. I have recovered my identity. I’ve got a great job… I’ve got wonderful friends who love and support me for who I am not who they want me to be.  I have recovered my happiness – and y’all… just let me say right now, that alone is enough.

Life is too short to be unhappy. If major change is what’s required for you to be happy then I say jump; do it now – don’t wait. BE HAPPY – you deserve it!

What changes have you made in your life that made you happier? Changes you’ve regretted?

A-Z Blogging Challenge Introduction

So tomorrow is April 1, and I will begin my participation in the A-Z Blogging Challenge. A series of 26 posts starting with A and ending with Z (obviously). My theme this year will be “What I learned along the way” This will cover all the life changes I’ve been through – leaving a relationship, living with my daughter, losing friends, finding love again, and learning how to make my self happy regardless of what others think, or my situation.

I’ve learned a lot, I’ve laughed, and cried. I’ve been through some rough stuff, but during it all I kept my attitude in check – and I didn’t back down.

Join me this month as I share these experiences and how I’ve dealt with them.