My Story

Welcome! On this page I will introduce my blog. Normally, folks get the whole professional blog profile, that goes something like this:

I’m Elizabeth, and I was raised on the beaches of Southwest Florida and in the mountains of South Tennessee. A former technical writer, displaced by the economy,  I learned that my passion for writing was definitely taking a non-technical turn. Instead, I have learned the joys of writing about life. I offer a unique and often humorous perspective on life after 40 and divorce, and my journey to get more out of life.

I am the natural mother of three adult kids, and have two amazing grandsons. While on this journey I talk about my experiences as a mother and grandmother, and how my life choices have affected all of those around me.

I am recently separated from a ten-year partnership, and I am on a journey to find a more fulfilling and empowering me.

My perspective on this is sometimes emotional, sometimes humorous, and always real.

In a nutshell, that’s what it’s all about.


6 thoughts on “My Story

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on the Top 10. You really have your hands full…I think you have every acronym covered that I’ve ever heard of!

    • Yes ma’am – we do. Our little guy is in “PRTF” – Permanent Residential Treatment Facility for long term therapy right now. He’s 14. I only wish we could have gotten his diagnosis YEARS ago – it would have made such a difference for him. Unfortunately, his bio-mom was not as concerned for him as we are, and that has made things much worse than they could have been.
      Early diagnosis is KEY!

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