Well, we’ve gone and done it now y’all!


That is the view from the back deck of the house we bought yesterday.

Yep, we bought a house. In the middleofnowhere Kentucky. Actually, its not really nowhere… we’ll be about an hour from Louisville… and the two little minions who stole my heart – my grandsons.

We’ve initiated the sale… and provided our earnest money. Now we just wait for the title search and closing date. Meanwhile – my house looks a little like this:


It’s pretty much wall-to-wall boxes. I’ll be spending the next few days/weeks packing and getting our house ready to move. I’ve also got to plan a trip to Florida to see my family there. My brother has been really sick after having a stroke. I’ve not seen him in a very long time, so we’re going to go visit him – and then go see my grandma and uncles/aunts/cousins that live in the area as well.

Its going to be a busy couple of months. Thankfully, I’m not working anymore so I’ve got time to do all this crazy stuff.

I’ll also be planning a whole new blog for you all… following my adventures as a Homesteader and Chicken Herder. Visit me over at The Hopeful Homestead soon!


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