A-Z Blogging Challenge – C



C is for Chickens

Most of my experience with chickens is from childhood. I bear a scar on my face from a very exuberant rooster. I had gone into the coop to gather eggs, and the rooster had decided that one of the hens was going to set her eggs – and when she cackled a little bit, he jumped on me. He got me in the face with his dew claw, and it hurt – we had him for Sunday dinner that week. He made an awesome pot of chicken and yellow rice.

However, in a few months, we’re buying a farm. We have the condo for sale now… and we’re just waiting for a few things to line up – then we’re going to be farmers.

We want to be self sustaining, so we’ll have some chickens, goats, gardens, and maybe even a cow or two. It will be a nice change for us all to work for what we need instead of working for the money to buy it.

I look forward to my own little bunch of hens. I’m excited to begin a journey of living off the land and growing organic wholesome foods for my family. And I can’t even help but tell you how cute baby chickens are.

Happy C Day!

One thought on “A-Z Blogging Challenge – C

  1. Buying a small “hobby” farm is definitely something I would love to do. Our hope is the next house we buy is in the country. A small barn for animals would be my dream. I look forward to following you while you start this new way of life.

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