When I was a kid, I looked forward to Saturday with great anticipation… not because of Saturday morning cartoons – no, because those were too mundane for me! Why bother with cartoons when you have this:


Sailboats (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Of course not these boats in particular… Daddy loved his camera, but apparently didn’t feel that taking it on the boat was a good idea. Considering the boat spent a lot of time like this:

Sailboat Race

(Photo credit: ritaoksa)

I kind of get it…

But the adventures we would have out on the lake with Questover! My dad was always coming up with something fun to do. Sometimes he would tie a rope to my life jacket and toss me overboard in a good wind… it was always fun to “ski” behind a sailboat… even if I was skiing on my belly!  We also participated in races, parent/kid events, and even the commodore’s cup regatta… and always, always I was onboard – I was the “cabin girl”… Official title and everything – I had a crew t-shirt!

I will never forget the summer Jaws was released. I was 9. We saw it in theaters. Then… then we went out on the boat, my dad tied a rope to my life jacket and tossed me in the water… and I freaked! Yes, it was a freshwater lake. Yes, sharks like Jaws live in salt water… I was 9 people – I did not know this! Of course my dad didn’t think that his “tough as nails” tom-boy daughter would be the least bit fazed by seeing a movie about a fake shark… or associate all large bodies of water with shark infestations… But, I was… Oh I was! I was terrified… and no matter how many reassurances I was given by my parents – even my uncle… I wanted out of the water…. it took weeks for me to finally feel like it was safe to go into the water. Weeks of my parents reassuring me that Jaws wasn’t real… Sharks didn’t really get that big (by the time I found out THAT was a lie I was too old to hold it against them), and they most certainly do not live in freshwater… Hmmm tell that to folks pulling bull sharks out of Mississippi river in the middle of freaking Illinois! Tell me where the heck there is salt water in Illinois?

But, truthfully – it was all good natured teasing and fun. I was not scarred for life by being “tortured” by my dad and uncle – and I was probably overreacting to get attention too. It’s a great memory now, which to me means it wasn’t traumatic then.

My time out on the water with my dad was the most amazing, special time I had with him. I cannot, will not regret one single second spent on that boat.

Here’s daddy the day we brought it home – he just had to show it off to his parents and siblings:


And here she is after she was named and put in the water:


What’s one of your favorite Saturday memories? Was there something special you did with friends or family that still brings a smile to your face?

Share with us! Happy Saturday!


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