Friday Confessional – September 27

I know, it’s been a while since we’ve stepped into the confessional… Honestly, I’ve just been so busy with work and home stuff that I’ve not really done much blogging at all.

Anyway – on to the topic!

Today’s confession: I would keep one of our puppies if I thought I could get away with it. They are so cute! Alas, living in an apartment isn’t really conducive to having a dog… not really. We do okay with Ms. Bear here… but when they move out, then it’s going to be just the cat.

Speaking of the cat!!

This is not part of the confession today – but I have to tell ya’ll what happened to me and Mr. Jenkins last week. I took Sunday and had cleaned all day – we had all the windows open and I was dyeing my hair. Fortunately, I had left the bathroom door open because what happened next… I could not have imagined!

I heard the window slam shut and it startled me – apparently they’re older “string driven” windows and one of the strings broke… – I turned to look and Mr.Jenkins is hanging by his tail from the window!  I rushed in to help him out of his predicament – when he decided I was a likely escape route and grabbed hold with all his might – teeth and claws.

He got me 10 times over all. Two puncture wounds in my upper thigh from claws, that bruised out the size of quarters… two on each hip, two on my chest, and two on my belly. Then – the two big ones… the bite – right on my wrist. My right wrist at that – dominant hand. He nicked two tendons and an artery – I felt his teeth touch inside my wrist. It was heinous y’all!

I was home alone with Rog’s sister (who’s PDD btw); she ran in and got the window open, freeing the cat and allowing him to let go of me and take off for the nether regions of “Underbed”. Rog and Jon were both at work and not due home until 10:30 pm… it was six thirty…. So, I did what any sane woman would do… I finished dyeing my hair, bandaged my wrist, and waited for a ride to the emergency room.

You see, I may run in blindly – but I’m not stupid – I know what a cat bite can do. Infection sets in within six hours. I got to the ER four hours into the bite – I was fortunate that no infection started. Everything is healing now, and I am nearly finished with my antibiotics. The cat? He’s good – not hurt at all… well his pride maybe – it’s been nearly two weeks and he’s still not real sure about getting in windows. He is on ten days “house arrest” because of the bite. It had to be reported, because I sought treatment. It’s all good though, he goes to the vet for a check up tomorrow and then we’re done with it all! 🙂


Happy Friday!

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