Hump Day

Its Hump Day! Please try to contain your excitement as the week is not over yet… but only halfway there.  Lately, it seems that one day runs into another and I’ve hardly finished Friday and it’s Monday already…

I interviewed over the phone with the FNP at my surgeons office Monday. They asked a lot of questions about my functionality and my ability to do everyday things with my back the way it is. I answered as honestly as possible and really had to think about some of the answers.  Yesterday, a packet of information and two forms to fill out with basically the same questions arrived… seriously?

All in all it’s alright, I cannot sit upright for any length of time it causes my legs & feet to go numb. I can recline for a while but I have to get up and move around about every hour or so. I can walk (and do at least 1/4 mile on days I can) if I am careful and take it slow. Some days the walking just doesn’t happen because I can’t trust my legs to stay under me.

The best thing that’s come out of being injured like this… realizing who cares and who really doesn’t. R is taking amazing care of me and constantly making sure that I’m not doing any more than I should be… and makes me stop when he knows that I am. My son Jon is the same way… I have several friends who either call or text to check on me nearly every day.  It is a great feeling to have so many people checking on me and showing me that they care.

With everything that has been going on, prompted by not only necessity but financial instability I have made a decision to do something else for myself… yet another major life change.  I have quit smoking. As of 8 pm Sunday evening I have not smoked a cigarette… not one.

Now, I do have a vaporizer or “vape” as they’re called… they’re a form of e-cigarette that delivers only the nicotine without any of the harsh and carcinogenic chemicals that you get from smoking. There is no second-hand “smoke” just harmless water vapor. Nicotine alone is not horrid for you either… it’s being tested now as an alternative to ADHD meds in adults and older children; and it’s working… without the side effects seen in so many of the prescription drugs.

Each day is easier, and I feel better every morning that I wake up and don’t smell the ashtray next to my bed! I can light a candle in the house and the smell lasts all day! My clothing smells fresh and clean. I can taste and smell things better too! It’s an amazing feeling to know that I’m not killing myself and my family with the chemicals in the smoke anymore… and it’s a TON cheaper than smoking!!! One vial of the liquid for my vaporizer costs about $3.50 (less than a pack of cigarettes) and lasts me for two weeks! So instead of spending $5 a day – I’m spending $6 a month. That friends is an amazing thing for the pocket book!

So, that’s it for me… how’s your hump day?


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