I’m back!

Yes, it’s been a while I know. I’ve been all too consumed with things going on in real life these days.

I know that I had talked about doing some health related posts and that is definitely something that’s going to happen, however due to recent events they won’t be the same ones I had planned.

A few weeks ago my son’s new girlfriend came to visit us from GA.  The guys went to get her and she stayed for  a week. We had a lovely visit; she’s a charming young lady. I actually had the day off when it was time for her to go home so I tagged along to assist with the driving.

Well, I wound up driving all the way down to take her home (about 3.5 hours); and while it was not so bad I started to have a bit of pain in my lower back and legs.  So, R took over and drove home.  Monday morning rolls around and I get up to go about my routine of getting ready for work and suddenly – there is no feeling in my lower back and I’m on the floor. My legs had just stopped responding. It passed quickly and I was able to stand up, but the pain running down my right leg was nearly unbearable.

I called in to work – thinking that it was just an irritation in the sciatic nerve from all the driving and that I’d be fine the next day. By Monday night it was obvious that was not going  to be the case. My feet became numb as if asleep, the pain started down the left leg, and I got “charlie-horses” in both legs off and on all night.

By Tuesday morning I knew something was just not right at all and after falling a couple more times due to the loss of feeling in my back I decided to head to the ER – not without some “gentle” prodding of course.

After six grueling hours of sitting in chairs that made my feet go numb and my back feel as if a hot poker had been rammed into my spine, I was finally called back to be examined.

After running the typical blood work the doctor came in and did  a few on the spot neurological tests. He asked which side I thought was worse, and since the majority of the pain was radiating down the right side, I told him the right… He broke a tongue depressor in half and asked me to tell him if he was touching me with the sharp end or the blunt end.  I was okay when he was touching my upper leg and knees but once he got below the knee I stopped being able to tell; by the time he got to my feet I wasn’t even sure if he was touching my left foot.  He then made me place both feet on the floor (not standing) and touched my big toe – asking me to lift it while he did. On the right, the toe lifted just a touch; on the left… nothing…  So, I was sent for a CT.

The results of the CT scan showed a bulging disc between L5 and S1.

English: Example of a herniated disc at the L5-S1.

English: Example of a herniated disc at the L5-S1. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


He is sure that there’s some nerve damage starting due to my lack of neuro response in my feet – oh yeah and that constant feeling of them having been asleep and are just waking up… Not the pins and needles part just the tingle prior – it’s rather annoying honestly.

He prescribed some pain meds, gave me some morphine and sent me to my doctor.  Of course my doctor came to the same conclusion and has now sent me to a surgeon. I’ve not heard yet from the surgeon when my appointment will be; I’m still waiting for that. I’m out of work now until I can get the new internet equipment in August; at which time I’ll be working from home.

This has prompted a couple of major changes for me. First and foremost it has made me quit smoking. My doctor advised that my surgeon will not do the surgery if I’m a smoker – it sabotages the healing process.

Second, I’ve started walking for my health and to strengthen the muscles before the surgery so that they’ll heal faster afterward. I’m only doing about 1/2 mile per day right now – but I’m definitely noticing the difference.

So, while I had planned to do some health related stuff on the blog – it wasn’t supposed to be so personal. I will be dragging you guys along the way with me as I take the journey down a road I’ve travelled before with someone else.

I intend to show that not only can you recover from back surgery it doesn’t have to end your productive life. I will heal, and I will continue to hike, camp, train, and be productive. I will not let this stop me from playing with my grandchildren or taking trips. It’s a speed bump on the road of  life and while things have to slow down a bit to get over it; once I’m past it we’re rolling full tilt again,


Happy Monday Ya’ll!




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