Of work and such

Wow, guys… I’ve not forgotten you… I’ve just been working like crazy! Ten hour days too, so by the time I get done, I’m ready for bed!

However, I thought I’d stop by with a short update about the goings on…

I guess the biggest thing is that my youngest has decided to part ways with her current beau and is planning to move from KY to NC with the boys in the near future. She’s working and saving on her end and we’re saving on ours – hopefully in a month or two we will be all set to get her moved and settled here. Thankfully she’ll be close to all of her family so that if she needs something – here we are.

I have some new stuff coming down the pipeline for you guys… and I hope that you will enjoy it. The first post should be ready to go tomorrow so please, stop by.

Happy Sunday!!!


2 thoughts on “Of work and such

  1. It does indeed sound like you’ve been busy, life always seems to get in the way of blogging. Still, you found the time to post an update here, and I’m glad to hear that you welcome your daughter and her little ones home with open arms. Sometimes we all need a safe place to regroup and find our new direction.

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