“State of the Blog” Address…

Wow, I cannot believe that it’s May already. It seems like just yesterday I was starting the blog challenge and holding on for dear life to keep up! And now, it’s May and I don’t want to lose the momentum started by the challenge.

To date Set in My Ways has had 7,020 unbelievably wonderful visits. That is incredible to me. And I know that a lot of those visits are from folks that come to visit regularly.

I don’t normally ask – but guys, I would love to see 10,000 visitors by my birthday in September. That would be amazing.

So, what I’m asking of you dear readers is simple. If you read something that you like, share it. Chances are if you like it, someone else will too.

That’s all.

Anyway, during the challenge one of the things the participants were advised to do, and something all bloggers should really strive to do, was keep the posts “short and sweet”.

There were a lot of posts that could have been much longer, had I been given a day or two on the topic. So, with that said… some of the topics from A-Z will be coming up in future posts.

I may also add in some cooking posts… this is NOT a definite y’all, just an idea I’m tossing around.

Who knows – it’s only May, and we’ve got a whole year of posts to go!

Happy May 1st! Let’s get Spring under way!



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