A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 29



Y is for You Only Live Once…


Yeah, yeah… don’t give me a hard time for the YOLO reference… seriously? It’s true!

You do in fact, only live once.

Why, then, do so many of us sit around and bemoan our circumstances; stay where we know we shouldn’t be? Why?

You. Only.  Live. Once.


One life to get it right. To live happily. To be the person you truly want to be. To have what you want from life. To do what you want to do.


Again, I will say it y’all… Life’s too short to be unhappy

It is. For real.

Your life can be taken from you tomorrow. Your loved ones could go in an an instant.

You don’t know.

We are not promised tomorrow.

Simple as that folks.

You only live once.

Do it with all your heart.

What are you doing to live life to it’s fullest?


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