A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 27



X is for X-ray

Not a conventional x-ray… to look at the bones and such… nope… not at all. I’m talking about an x-ray of the heart. Or soul if you like… the inner deep down part of us, that makes us who we are. The part where are innermost thoughts and wishes are stored.

We tend to ignore that part of ourselves on a day to day basis… it’s something we need to learn to do often. When you do, you find all kinds of junk that doesn’t need to be there. Just like when we take our child to the hospital because they’ve swallowed something they shouldn’t have…

When the doctor looks at the x-ray, he clearly sees the things that don’t belong… the things that are making us sick. 

I lived in pain for 12 years. Not just any pain… deep down in the bone pain. Off and on, transient, and devastatingly debilitating at times. I used to get headaches so bad they’d put me in bed for days.

I can look back now, and pinpoint certain events in my life, that created the problems. The “stressor” that brought it on. That was the beginning of the troubles in my marriage. It’s the period in time when things were starting to go wrong.

For years I put the emotional pain in a deeply buried cavity and let it sit. and fester. And pain controlled my life.

But once I let go. Forgave. Moved on… and made some very amazing discoveries about myself… by taking an x-ray o f my heart and separating the emotions that mattered, the feelings that counted, the things that made me happy – were the ones that mattered, they needed to be there.

But, the negative stuff… doubt, anger, fear, regret? That stuff glares white on the x-ray and must be cut out. You cannot hang on to any of that stuff with any feeling. It needs to be removed, before it makes you sick.

Emotional pain and stress can cause a myriad of health problems. If not dealt with appropriately it can make you seriously ill.

Protect your health, and examine your heart. Take an x-ray… if you will. Get rid of the stuff that doesn’t belong. And take care of the stuff that does. You’ll feel better for it!

What do you need to “cut out” of your life in order to be healthy?


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