A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 26




W is for Wish, Wait, Win


Have you ever wished for something so much that it was all you thought about? I mean like the kind of real wishing we did as kids… I can remember wishing on stars… oh how  I’d wish for stuff! And after my dad passed away? I sat in the window every night for a month wishing on that very first star – for him to come home, that it had been a mistake… something.

However as we grew up we learned that just wishing for something, generally doesn’t make it happen. You have to work for it, wait for it, make it happen.

You cannot expect things to just “be there” because you want them to be. You must be patient, you must wait… and you probably will have to work for it.

A saying I learned during my days as a facilitator to a life coaching seminar is this: You create, promote, or allow everything that happens in your life.

It’s true if you look at it. So. Wishing? Not so much… but actively striving for what you wish for? Waiting for the right time to come for the good things? That my friends, that… is a win.

What’s your biggest wish?


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