A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 23



T is for Taking it Back

If you’ve ever seen Clerks II (and if you haven’t I recommend you do, unless you’re easily offended, then don’t bother) then you know what those three words can mean. However, unlike Clerks, I am taking back something important.

What is the “it” I’m taking back?

My happiness.

I lost it along the way over the last ten years, resigning myself to a life that wasn’t really ‘mine’. A life that I lived… and at times enjoyed. But not a life lived to its fullest and best. I was not living my life for me. I was living my life for everyone around me.

And now I’m taking it back. If it doesn’t make me happy, give me a feeling of accomplishment, or fulfill some need/desire of my own… I’m not doing it. Yes. That does indeed sound selfish.

But let me explain.

If you are living your life to make yourself happy, the people around you, those in your life that are nearest and dearest to you will be happy too. They will be happy with you, and for you.

You cannot associate yourself with people who are not happy for you, with you, about you… People that are, support your decisions. People that aren’t so happy and engaging, well they tend to spoil things – and not in the good way. You must surround yourself with people who make you feel good about yourself, and them.

For example, my mother… one of the sweetest people in the world… but she has her opinions about people. If you’re not happy and engaging, she doesn’t trust you. Its just the way she is. I think, honestly, that she’s genetically encoded to surround herself with happy, upbeat people.

All I can say is this… if you’ve lost your happiness along life’s road… take it back. Don’t let life steal your joy… life should bring you joy, not cause you pain. Sure, life has its ups and downs… but if you live to be happy, you will be happy to live – even when the “downside” comes around.

What are you doing, or have you done to take back your happiness?



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