A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 22



S is for Spoiled

Yeah… I know – spoiled can take on both good and bad personalities – but in this case it’s good.

Y’all – for ten years I was everything for everyone, never stopping to smell the roses, never taking time for ME… just doing for all those around me all the time.

Things are decidedly different now.  You guys know I work… but maybe you don’t know that all I do is work. I don’t cook, unless I want to… I don’t clean, unless I want to… Hell, I don’t even do laundry unless I want to. Everything is done for me.

Part of that is because he hasn’t found a job yet… which is fine by  me, because dragging in from work after 6 every night and having to cook, clean, do laundry, etc… would just suck.

But, you know – this won’t stop once he does go to work… that’s the thing. He will continue to spoil me with these things, and all the other things he does for me.

God forbid the words “I want, would like to have, think that’s cool” or anything indicating a remote desire for something comes out of my mouth… because just as surely as the “wish” is made… within a day or three the wish has been fulfilled. That’s how I got an iPad.

I was sitting in the car playing with his on the way to work one day… made mention that I’d like to have one to read/play games on during my breaks at work… I got home that night and sure enough – there was an iPad sitting on my side of the bed.

Yep… I’m spoiled. But not just financially….

I’m spoiled because he never fails to pay attention… really pay attention when I speak. Like what I have to say is important. I’m spoiled because he makes the effort to make me happy in everything he does. I’m spoiled because I get the sweetest texts during the day, designed to make me smile. I’m spoiled because I have someone in my life who truly loves me for me… and wants nothing more than my happiness.

I’m spoiled… and I’m loving every minute of it.

Are you spoiled too? What things does your SO do that make you feel that way?


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