A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 12


K is for Kaleidoscope

Have you ever seen a kaleidoscope? I mean, really seen one?

A multi-colored view of a kaleidoscope

A multi-colored view of a kaleidoscope (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The imagery that they represent is fascinating to me. Ever changing, ever shifting, liquid, alive… all words that can describe these seemingly simple toys. And they are relatively simple toys. I’ve seen countless Pinterest posts on how to make one yourself using toilet paper tubes, paper towel tubes, plastic wrap, olive oil, and some glittery stuff you can find in the dollar store.


As simple as they may be, the images they produce are totally complex and amazing.

Sort of like our emotional lives. We have a complex series of emotions that move in out out of our heads in a kaleidoscope daily. Depending on the circumstance, they whirl and twist into new emotions fluidly and quickly.

We are complex and amazingly unique. Why would our emotions be any different. Each time we see something or someone we love, our emotions control our reactions to that person or object. We light up, and we change – we feel more beautiful.

What emotions do you see as belonging in your Kaleidoscope?


One thought on “A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 12

  1. I almost used kaleidoscope as one of the k’s on my gratitude list. I remember wonderful kaleidoscopes from childhood, inexpensive, yet their dazzling patterns would entrance me and pull me into a world of make believe that was bejeweled with colors and light! Thanks for triggering good memories and for the perfect reminder that we too are created this wonderfully, ever-varying emotions and all!

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