A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 9


H is for Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home… the saying embroidered on many a picture, plastered on doormats, signs, and written upon the walls of many, many homes around the world… but what does it really mean?

It brings to mind another saying nearly as familiar – “Home is Where the Heart Is”.  Oh how true!
To me? Home is the mountains of North Carolina. I wasn’t raised here… but I did spend plenty of time here in my younger years… It’s beautiful. Picturesque really. There is something about the Blue Ridge that speak to me. The majestic beauty of the smoke colored fog that settles over their top ranges: the rich, lush greens that begin in late April and blossom to include the fuschia, orange, and red tones of summer: that push into the gorgeous yellows, oranges, reds, and browns of fall… and the white perfection of new fallen snow with hints of evergreen peeking out everywhere. These mountains speak to me. They are beautiful… and they are home.

Where do you feel most at home? Is there just one place on this planet that makes you feel like you’re where you really need to be?



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