A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 6


F is for Forgiveness

It has been said that forgiveness is not for the forgiven, its for the forgiver. That’s true… very true. I don’t forgive people their transgressions for them… I do it to prevent bitterness from building up in my heart; to keep my own conscience clean. I can’t live a fully forgiven life, if I cannot allow myself to forgive others for what they have done to me or against me.

At some point you have to let things go. You cannot carry perceived hurts and burdens around with you everywhere you go all your life. It makes you very unlikeable whether you realize it or not. You don’t even have to let the person you’re forgiving know they’ve been forgiven – even though its recommended for full benefit. BUT you do have to stop dwelling on it, thinking about it, bringing it up, hashing it out and making it known to the world that someone has done something to hurt you. You have to stop letting it affect you and your life.

For those of you who know me personally – if you’re reading this, I’m talking to you. Know that if you’ve ever done anything that has hurt me in any way – you are forgiven. I hope you’ll do me the same courtesy – not for me… but for you.

Who are you withholding forgiveness from? Have you forgiven someone and felt the release of your own bitterness?


3 thoughts on “A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 6

  1. This is a powerful statement and absolutely true! Some things, that only affect our life briefly are easier to forget, big hurts take a lot longer, but when we FINALLY let go of the emotion it is so very FREEING! I totally forgot to list FORGIVENESS on my F-list, but thought of it later. I have had to work hard at forgiveness in my life still a couple to go, but I’m working on it! 🙂

    • Amen Josie! I totally agree it is very freeing. I’m so glad that I’ve chosen to forgive those that have wronged me. I still have one person that forgiveness is due, but I just can’t seem to fully get there. I know that it will come in time as I grow. Thanks for stopping by and for your lovely comment!

  2. Ah, forgiveness, so hard to do but so freeing. Yes, I have done it and it has done wonders for me. I wish I could say that I do it easily and sometimes it takes me a little too long to get there but once there it is wonderful. Great post. Dropping by from the A-Z Challenge, Lucy from Lucy’s Reality

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