Friday Confessional – April 5


Welcome back to the Confessional… y’all thought I’d forget because of the whole A-Z thing didn’t you? Well, you’re not getting off that easy!

So… today’s confession… and I know some of you will not like this, but again… my life, my blog… and yada yada…

Anyway, I’m going to confess that I happen to LOVE guns. Yep… I sure do. Big ones, small ones, rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, hand guns… I love guns. I have since I was a little girl and my daddy taught me how to shoot at .38 special. We went dove hunting with it. Yep… that’s me – a dove hunting, gun loving, range shootin kind of girl.

Now for you to see my new “toy”… and before you freak out on me let me tell you that no, I don’t believe guns are toys. I know that they are dangerous and to be respected – another point my dad taught me at the tender age of 6 when I took my first Hunter Safety and Education course.

I do believe that guns can be fired without hurting someone… without even killing an animal. I happen to love to take mine to the range and just unload a magazine or five for recreation.20130405-211240.jpg

So yeah… that my dear friends is an AR-15 rifle. It is NOT dangerous… it just looks mean. It’s not that much more powerful than any other rifle you can buy… and I’m kind of a pretty good shot too.

Happy Friday!


3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – April 5

  1. When I married my husband and moved to Texas five years ago, I entered the realm of “Texans and their guns”… a whole new world to me. My father had guns for hunting but they were kept locked in the gun cabinet and I was never allowed to even touch one. My husband had several guns, including an AR-15 like you have pictured above. I have learned to shoot them all, and I totally enjoy it! That one is pretty amazing in it’s power! I do not have a heart for killing living things, unless necessity demanded it, but I love target practice and am planning to get my concealed carry permit soon. I just got a new Beretta (see my B-post) that I LOVE! You are correct… it is all about being taught to respect guns as weapons, and to learn proper safety from day one. It is not the guns, it is the crazy people in this world, that we need to fear. Good post, sounds like your Dad and you shared some great memories!

    • My dad and I did share some awesome memories before he passed away. I am grateful for the time I spent with him. My boyfriend is teaching me to handle my AR and I do love it!!! Thanks for stopping by!

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