A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 4


D is for Destiny

Have you ever just known that something was right? Right, as in “I’m so comfortable in this place, with this person, in my own skin?

In my opinion that’s destiny… it’s somewhere you’re destined to be, someone you’re destined to be with, or something you’re destined to become.

I’ve been in places were I just felt right… like Charleston, SC – it feels so good there, comfortable, real… It’s one of those places I just feel happy to be alive.


I’ve met people like that too… people you know are destined to become friends, allies, lovers… people you just know you’re going to have around for a long time.

I am currently pursuing a relationship with someone like that. When I met this man, nearly 14 years ago, a friend told me he was destined to be my soul mate. I was with him for nearly 7 years… and because of a lot of different reasons we drifted apart, and eventually divorced.

I let myself be distracted from what I knew was destiny – I knew it then, and I know it even better now after having been apart from him for so long. We both realized that nothing we went through in our marriage was as bad as what we went through after it ended.

Sometimes, though you need that kind of reminder to let you know just what is real, and what isn’t.

Who or what is your destiny? What are you destined to do/be?



2 thoughts on “A-Z Blogging Challenge – April 4

  1. I think it is true that sometimes you have to lose something to realize how much you valued it, what was good about it. We also change a lot thru experience and age, and as we get older we are able to do a better job at working things out… fussin’ n’ fightin’ less and laughin’ n’ lovin more. I wish you every blessing and that if it’s meant to be, the two of you will find a path to walk together. Being with someone who truly loves you and appreciates you is an amazing blessing!

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