Friday Confessional – March 29


No, I have not really forgotten about doing the confessional guys… I’ve been prepping… yeah

That’s right – prepping!

For what you may ask? Certainly I’m not one of those people… the ones you see on Nat Geo’s totally awesome Doomsday Preppers… Uh, well that’s for another post – but no… I am not currently prepping for an apocalypse – Zombie or otherwise. I am prepping for:

Yep, you got it – it’s almost April!  And on Monday – ready or not I will be posting for at least 26 days of the month. It’s an awesome challenge and a great way to spark a blog’s following, so I thought even though I only made it halfway last year, and even though I’m working nearly every day in April – I’d give it another shot.

But, you didn’t stop by to read about April… you stopped by because it’s Friday – and I’m supposed to post some deep dark secret…

Well… I guess if that’s what you’re here for… on to the confessional.

My life, as it is, has had it’s ups and downs… and right now, I’m on a serious up. The kind of up you wonder if you’ll ever come down from. And guys, I hope and pray I never come down from this one – ’cause it’s a major good up!

I do so love the way my life is taking shape, and I couldn’t be prouder to say that I am where I am, am with who I am with, and am living the way I want.

I confess… I love my life. I love the people who have chosen to stay in my life. Hell, I even love some of the people who have chosen to step away and take a break. I hope they’ll be back one day. I couldn’t have made it to where I am today without them all.

So… stay tuned – April’s gonna be a wild ride while we post the alphabet – and try to keep the confessional open!

Happy Friday Y’all!



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