Celebrating and other things

Wow, guys –  this marks 300 posts here at Set In My Ways! I can’t believe how far this blog has come over the last few years. This blog started out as a way for a stay at home mom, displaced from work to vent, share my story, and just connect with the outside world. Now, it’s more about life, and how I’m learning to live it again… and what I’m learning along the way. Time has a way of changing everything in our lives. We go through stages of life, and everything seems to shift.

I am once again undergoing another major change in my life… this seems to be a real season of change  for me. I got a job, y’all!!! Yes, I did. I’m so excited to be rejoining the workforce. It’s a pretty good job too, as jobs go anyway. Of course, it’s more “life in a cubicle” but, when that’s what you do – that’s what you do. I’ll be working for a fulfillment company that handles supplements and alternative health options to it’s clients. It seems like a pretty good company, and they work with some very reputable doctors. Of course, I won’t be mentioning any names here neither of the doctors or the products – just not even going to begin mixing work and blog!

On another update note – based on our Friday Confessional from last week… We’re moving in a wonderful direction, and for the first time in a long time I feel cared for. Really cared for. Guys, I cannot express enough just how happy I truly am right now. My life is turning in a direction I never thought it would turn… I’ve returned full circle to something I thought was a once in a lifetime thing… I am reliving my dream, and I couldn’t be more content with the choices I’ve made in the last month.

I have a good job, someone who loves me, and friends I couldn’t replace in my heart with anything. I feel complete, whole, and accomplished. I hadn’t been in North Carolina but three days and was offered this job. I’m amazed at how quickly I went from feeling like I was turning up dead space to feeling on top of the world. Now, I’m not so far gone y’all to know that all of this could change and go the other way just as quickly – but man this just feels too amazing to keep inside!

So, there ya go! Happy Tuesday y’all!



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