Friday Confessional – February 8


Ah yes, it is Friday again, and time for another confessional. This week has gone by pretty quickly, honestly I can’t believe it. This time last week I was… doing pretty much the same thing I’m doing this week. Time flies regardless of whether you are having fun or not. Especially when you have two young children to look after.

So, this week’s confessional. Hrmmmm…. Well, it’s been almost a month (next week it will be a  month) since I ended my 10 year relationship. I would love to be able to say that I am fine and dandy… and truthfully in some ways I am. However, in other ways I am not. I have upset and angered dear friends who have been with me for a long time and that bothers me.

I hope that in time the friendships will heal, but I also don’t think they’ll ever be what they once were.  I think that I’m okay with that. I have made new friends and bonded with people I never thought I would. I have repaired other friendships lost in the last 10 years that at one time meant the world to me; and again are becoming very important to me. I have reconnected with some very important people from my past – and I like the way our relationships are healing, mending, and reforming.

I don’t even begin to speculate where my life will be in a month – I don’t even predict what next week will bring. I do know that I like what I am seeing in my future. I also know that I do not feel guilty about liking it. Guilt is an emotion I have little time for… or to quote the newest internet sensation Sweet Brown:


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