Friday Confessional – February 1


Hi! It’s Friday, and time for another confessional…

So, today’s confession?

Given everything that has been going on in my life I figure today might as well be a ‘confession’ regarding recent events.

Truth is… I got married in September in an attempt to fix a relationship that was irretrievably broken. Yeah.. dumb idea right? I know. I don’t feel great about it – because he didn’t realize I was unhappy. I mean, he probably should have. I was always in a bad mood, surly, irritated, and pissed off about something. But… I didn’t tell him that.

Now that we have split, and I’ve moved away, I feel much better. I’m pretty much in a good mood all the time, I don’t have the anger and resentment that I had. I just feel… free.

I did leave a mess in my wake – and I do feel bad for that. But, I had to do what I did for me. I was getting lost in everything else… and I couldn’t give any more to any one.

I feel like I’m coming out of the dark. It feels good. I’m starting to like myself again. That is an amazing feeling!

I will leave you with this:

A song that helps me remember that I am not alone. His light shines on me.

So… that’s it. Friday’s confession.

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