A letter to a friend…

An open letter to those who claim to be my friends… you know who you are.

Dear Friend (and I use that term loosely):

So, you’re upset with me because I made some choices that are uncomfortable for you. I’m sorry. You have expressed to me that you were hurt/upset/angry about that I and understand. I’m sorry. I have apologized and I meant it. However, you have chosen to cut me off.  Everyone has cut me off. I’m sorry.

This is not my problem, it’s yours. If you can’t see past the choices I made that upset you and continue to be my friend – I’m sorry.

I will not allow myself to be held hostage by you and your upset. I will not stop living because you deem my choices improper. I will not sit down and cry because you won’t talk to me. If you cannot accept and love me for who I am in spite of the choices I make, then I’m sorry. For you.

I do  not propose to be the perfect person. I do not think I am a perfect friend. I am perfectly imperfect – and I have other friends, true friends, who love me regardless of the choices I make in life.

Am I hurt by your silence? Yes, because I thought you loved me regardless. Will I allow that hurt to prevent me from doing what I know is best for me? No, because you cannot define yourself by the company you keep. I will continue on my life’s journey with or without you. I am not going to  deny that that journey will be less fun because you won’t be there.. but it will still be a journey – and there will be others there to share it with, old friends and new.

I will miss you friend. But I will not whither and die because you cannot accept me for who I am.

Thank you for showing me who you really are.

Your Friend.



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