This is the fourth in a series of five posts based on Mama Kat’s workshop prompts this week. And I have to shout a huge thank you to her for this weeks inspiration, it’s really hitting home at a great time.

Trust: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something.

You know guys… I have trusted some real characters in my life. I have trusted men who said they would do anything for me, that would do nothing. I have trusted women who said they were only interested in my friendship and wound up destroying things very dear to me. I have trusted drug dealers, evil doers, and thieves.

The one thing/person I was never able to fully trust was myself.

I have never been able to rely on my character, strength, or ability. Until now.

This is a lesson I am learning now… and one that’s not easy. I have to trust my ability to find work, get transportation and make a new life for myself… alone. I’ve never done that before – someone has always been there to pick me up if I fell; husbands.parents, boyfriends, friends… always have they been around to keep me on my feet. Now if I fall on my face – I have to be the on to pick myself up… scary because I don’t trust myself not to leave me lying there on my face.

I’m learning – and I’m taking small steps toward the goal of fully loving and trusting myself each and every day.

I have to remember always that life is a journey not  a destination. I must live each day to its full potential and not waste one moment because you never know when a moment may be your last. I must learn to love and trust myself to make good decisions for my future.

For today… that’s all I can do.

One thought on “Trust

  1. It’s the people we love who hurt us, BUT they are in our lives to teach us a lesson. If we can try and have compassion for them because they are flawed and that us why they betray us, then we can start forgive ourselves for the things we do that hurt us and hurt others. We are slaves if we react to another persons behave. We need to let them act without the react. Be free.

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