And yes, yet another post based on Mama Kat’s writing prompts for this week!

Acceptance: favorable reception; approval; favor. The the act of assenting or believing.

Its kind of odd that this particular image showed up in my Facebook Feed this morning….

Life like a camera


You have to have a degree of acceptance to do this. Accepting that what you are doing is not working; accepting the need to try something new or “take another shot”.

Yesterday I talked about getting rid of the negatives in my life – deleting so to speak the bad things, and only taking in those that empower me to achieve my goals.

I had to accept that doing what I had always done was not getting me anything but what I had always gotten. I had to switch things up and move in a new direction.

That’s what I’m doing. I am accepting the fact that I am flawed, I do make mistakes, and I don’t always make the best choices in my life. However, I am also forgiven and loved and no matter what mistakes I make – I will move past and learn from them. So far, I have no real regrets… nothing that keeps me sleepless for days on end and makes me sick to think about. For that I can be thankful and accept that while hard – the choices I have made on this journey so far have been the right ones for me.



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