This week Kat over at Mama Kat’s Losin’ It posted the five writing prompts for the week. Instead of choosing just one of these five incredible words I’m going to post about each one. The first being the title of this post: Explore.

Don’t forget to pay Mama a visit!

Mama’s Losin’ ItExplore. To investigate systematically; examine.

That’s kind of what I am doing now with my life. I am exploring all avenues open to me, examining each opportunity that presents itself and determining it’s value to me. Relationships, places, things, even pets are being systematically investigated as to their true value in my life.

In doing so I have made some supremely difficult choices for myself. I am walking away from damaging relationships that do not help or force me to reach my full potential. I am determining my place in this world. I am getting rid of things that have no place or value to my current existence. I am relieving myself of the responsibility of caring for animals that while comforting, hold no intrinsic value in where I want to be.  I am making a new start. A new life for myself – that focuses on me. Only those who add value will be allowed to complete this journey with me. Those who further my ambitions, provide true loving friendship, and allow me to grow and explore will be welcomed with open arms. Encouragement welcomed… negativity will be dealt with swiftly and with a large hammer.

I am on a mission to Explore what fits and what doesn’t. To Explore my options and make informed decisions. I hope that you will share this journey with me. What do you need to explore in your life?


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