The Old Man…

Sorry I skipped out on you guys yesterday! I had some stuff going on, and well… real life got in the way. Has a habit of doing that sometimes I think.
Today’s installment of my trip down memory lane is based on this image from Norman Rockwell. The image is from, and the inspiration behind these posts comes from my blog bud Bert!

"Outward Bound"

“Outward Bound”

My grandfather Art was my hero. I called him papa and he was fundamental in shaping my life when I was growing up. I always associate this particular image with him. His friends called him Captain Art – and he was a shrimp boat captain. When my mother was growing up they traveled from Florida to Texas and back every year. When I was a baby, we did the same thing.

Papa was always the man who looked on the good side of things. It didn’t matter to him what had happened – everything had a “sunny side” as he put it. He always told me to “Keep my sunny side up”. I laughed then thinking he was inferring that I was an egg; thought it was a joke.

As I grew older I realized that he was teaching me a very valuable lesson. A lesson I have tried to pass down to my own kids over the years… that lesson is one of the value of a positive attitude. No matter what you are faced with be positive.

I have never been a “glass half-empty” kind of girl – no matter what was going on in my life I always found something positive in it. I have continued that practice to this day. It really bugs the DH because he is so not a glass half full kind of guy. He likes to “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best”. That’s not even something I know how to do!

Think about some of the most valuable lessons you learned growing up… who taught them to you, and what were they?


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