Addiction Sated

A couple of weeks ago in my Friday Confessional I admitted that I was an addict… if you don’t know about that you may want to go here… go ahead, I’ll wait.

Okay, ready now? Good. So… I admitted that I’m a video game addict, more specifically a World of Warcraft addict. Yes, yes I am. Do I care? ONLY when my game is down for three weeks for financial issues. So it was a fine fine day when I got this message on FB last night:


Yeah… that conversation really did take place. So I logged in, paid my bill, and oh… sweet… relief.

I was off killing a level 100+ Boss Mob in minutes. Yes, I am sooo happy. I got to go get all my sweet little gifts from under the tree – acquiring my 75th vanity pet, and three achievements in the process. Which is why I’m probably going to be kind of scarce on the Twitter for the next few days. I’ve got to make sure I fill myself all the way up with the sweet gaming nectar that is my WoW. Well, not really because tomorrow is patch day- meaning the game will be down for hours.

Anyway, starting tomorrow I have a set of new posts headed your way. The were inspired by a fellow blogger, (you will find out who tomorrow) and I think they’re kind of awesome. Well, not just kind of awesome – really, really awesome LOL. Please stop by and visit tomorrow for the first post in the series… and the beginning of a new year on the old blog.

Also – y’all tomorrow is January 1, 2013.  Also – wondering why we don’t skip the 13th year like we do the 13th floor in most buildings??? Also – back to what I was saying before that random thought interrupted. Where the heck did 2012 go? I mean, really – it seems like just yesterday I was busily posting for the A-Z blogging challenge in April (oh yeah, that’s coming up soon too, more about that later). Suddenly it’s like December 31 and my year is over, and I totally haven’t posted every day.

With that said, I really don’t have any “New Years Resolutions” – I try not to set myself up for failure like that. I will say that I am going to work very hard to post daily, and I am hoping to be able to purchase my very own dotcom before the end of 2013.

So there you have it – Happy Monday, Happy New Years Eve!

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