Christmas Eve

Well, here it is – already. I’m not sure where 2012 went, but it’s flying out of here so fast!!! We are at the door way to 2013 – all that’s left is to open it and let the new year in.

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about the close of 2012. It’s been a very rough year for our family. We’re so blessed that we’re able to even do Christmas this year. For the first time in three years we were able to get a gift for each of the kids. I am so blessed that we’re surrounded by friends and family who do care and are there to support and love us. We are blessed that we have a roof over our heads and central heat – because even though Georgia isn’t as cold as Indiana – without heat, it might as well be Antarctica!

I can sit and honestly say I am in a better place than I was last year at this time. I’m happier, more secure, and richly blessed.

This morning I dashed out and grabbed last minute stocking stuffers – even though I don’t have stockings (white gift bags will have to do). Granted, since the kids are grown they aren’t getting cute little toys or whatever in the stockings this year. It’s shampoo, body wash, deodorant, and such for them this year… I guess they’ll live. After not getting anything at all in the last few years, I”m thinking they’ll be just fine with whatever they get.

I know I’m fine knowing I was able to do something for them.

Of course, the greatest gift of all came in a picture frame. My husband lost his dad early this year. His only brother passed several years ago. Christmas promised to be hard on him for sure. Night before last his cousin stopped by with gifts for us. She had found and printed a photo (one of only two or three in existence) of his brother and one of his parents – she framed them (along with one of our wedding photos) and gave them to us for Christmas. My husband was floored! Such a lovely and thoughtful gift for us.

So from our family to yours – Merry Christmas!



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