Friday Confessional – I am an addict!

Yep, that’s right my friends – today kicks off my new Friday postings. Each Friday from now until I change my mind I will be posting a “confessional”. It might be humorous, serious, real, fiction, or anything in between. It’s meant to be fun and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.


Y’all – I must admit something to you, and trust me admitting this in a public forum such as this is very, very hard to do. I am an addict. Yes, it’s true. Sad. But true.

What am I addicted to you may ask… well – that’s even harder for me to admit. It’s a strange sick addiction; one that afflicts hundreds of thousands all over the world.

I am addicted to the most time sucking thing on the planet!



Yes, it’s true – I am Warcrack addict!

I have two level 90 characters and several on their way up the latter to 90… and y’all… my account has been down for about two weeks!!!

I haven’t had a ‘fix’ in two whole weeks! I’m starting to go through withdrawals. I’ve begged and pleaded with my kids, my nephews, and my nieces to get me a gametime card for Christmas to no avail! So until January 1st I am without my favorite drug… and I. Am. Losing. My. Mind.

Every year at this time WoW does this awesome giveaway where Great Father Winter comes to the city of Ironforge and places gifts under the tree based on your “toons” level! If you’re level 90 you get one of everything under the tree! Y’all for an addict like me this is the ultimate of giveaways! The end all be all of giveaways! It’s like Christmas, New Year, Easter, Fourth of July and Thanksgiving all in one! It’s even better than my birthday!!!!


Yeah… I’m an addict – and I really don’t care. No, I do not want rehab thank you very much.

Happy Friday!!!


3 thoughts on “Friday Confessional – I am an addict!

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