An update

I know, I know – I’ve been gone a while. I’ve had a lot of life crashing on my head here lately and I’ve not had time to mess around on my blog like I wanted to. I should probably bring everyone up to speed on what’s been going on around here – in case you have wondered. 🙂

So here goes – starting with the DH:

Shawn’s been in incredible pain since his father passed in April. He took a nasty fall from the sideboard of his cousins truck while loading luggage for our trip to Florida; landing directly on his tailbone. Now, if you don’t know this he has had two spinal surgeries from an accident back in 2004. He has a full fusion from his L5 vertebrae to his S1. He has two rods and six screws holding L5 and L4 together; and now we believe that his L3 disc is starting to go out. He has permanent nerve damage in his sacral nerve from the accident which causes his feet to have no feeling most of the time, and when he can feel them they hurt terribly.  So.. needless to say he’s not doing so great, and we’re working on all the medical/disability stuff to get him some relief. That’s very time consuming.

Next up me! LOL

Things with me are okay honestly. I’ve got issues with some of what’s going on in our lives right now with kids, grandkids, and all manner of other stuff -but for the most part I’m here and I’m me.

Ky – my oldest dear daughter is great! She was able to come for the wedding where my parents and she were able to meet my grand kids for the first time. It was very special to see my mom and dad holding their great-grand children for the first time every. My mom fell completely in love with the little CB – and wild child won the hearts of all.

100_1084So cute aren’t they??

Of course I also got a good one of Ky with the boys:



Such a great day having both of our families together.

My son Jon has finally, yes… finally – moved off my couch! I know, I know please don’t pass out – but it’s true. He’s got his own apartment but unfortunately I’m still baby sitting the dog and cat because he can’t have them in his place. He’s looking for another place and may be moving soon in order to be able to have them with him since Bear misses him SO much when he’s gone.

It was awesome to have all three of my babies together for the wedding – we were able to get a photo together for the first time in close to 20 years where it was all four of us!



It was a very special day indeed!

So… that brings me to my lovely daughter Jack and the boys. I have to tell you guys how wonderful it is to be able to deliver this news to you guys…. she has left her husband. I know, in most cases that would not be a lovely thing to say, but let’s face it folks this guy was a piece of work. Drugs, drinking, wanna be gang activity, and bullshit was all this loser brought to her table. So back several months ago they split when he pushed her down and sprained her ankle. She’s doing great though – and moving on with life. The divorce papers are filed and she has a new man in her life. This guy is totally, completely, 100% amazing! He treats her and the boys like the most precious treasures on earth – and for that I am eternally grateful to him for that! They’ve just moved into a new apartment and are VERY happy there.

This has been a fairly long update and I’m kind of sore from the long post yesterday… so I’m going to close this one – and update more later. You can come back and hear all about Sean, Our Guy, Our Girl, and Little Man.

Have an awesome Saturday Y’all!



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