O – is for Optimism

Optimism is something that we have all had to learn as a family. In the face of countless doctors, therapists, and other professionals telling us “there is nothing more we can do”. Hundreds of medications combinations that just don’t work. Hours of therapy to which our little man does not respond… We have to be optimistic. We have to see the silver lining. If we don’t then we’re not doing our son any good…. we’re not helping him – in fact if we buy in to to the propaganda the professionals give us, we’ll just give up, and that will hinder him beyond belief.

From optimism to Hope

From optimism to Hope (Photo credit: Niels Linneberg)


Our lives would be a desolate place without optimism. We look each day to God for renewed faith that we’re doing it right, we’re asking the right questions, seeking the right doctors, and doing what is best for our son.



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