N – is for Never Give Up

Today I was going to post N for Never give up, and that’s what I plan to do with our son – never give up. I will never stop trying to find the right doctor, the right therapist and the right people to help us help him to the best of our ability. We will never, ever give up on him – no matter what happens or who tells us we should.


BUT in light of last weeks events, I’m going to add a second N to this post! N is for NEWBORN!

Words cannot express just how in love with this little guy I am!!!!

His brother seems pretty taken with him already too!




4 thoughts on “N – is for Never Give Up

    • That is my newest grandson! He was born on the 16th and is the reason I wasn’t here for a week – I was busy helping my daughter adjust to having a newborn & a toddler at home 🙂

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