M – is for Mental Disabilities

Autism is not always a “stand alone” disorder. Many times there are multiple other things going on with a child diagnosed with an ASD.

For example in our house, Autism is hand in hand with the following disorders (not even a complete list):

  • PTSD – due to years of abuse by his bio mother
  • Schizo-psychotic disorder
  • OCD (which could be the “repetitive tics” seen in Aspbergers)
  • ADHD
  • Self abuse (both verbal and physical)
  • Eating disorder (tendency to overeat due to years of restricted eating by bio mom)

The list could go on forever, as we’ve had doctors tell us he hits nearly every marker for every childhood mental disability known to man.

It’s a wonder the poor guy functions as well as he does. One day we hope and pray that there is a “key” that will unlock his mind and let his true self evolve into the wonderful adult we know he could be if this stuff didn’t plague him every day. Until then… we love unconditionally and fight like crazy to get him the help he needs to be the best he can be!


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