I – is for Intelligence A-Z Blog Challenge Day 8

Intelligence… for most people it’s measured by an IQ score. The IQ score is supposed to determine at what level of intelligence you function.

Little Man’s IQ you ask? 68. But, now let me tell you why that’s just a number…

When Little Man first came to live with us, he was 8 years old. One night we were watching some medical show on t.v. He made a comment about adrenaline. I asked him – “Do you know what adrenaline is?”  He replied with the text book definition. I was amazed!

He basically can and does memorize facts like nobody’s business. He will tell you word for word what some show said about wormhole theory 5 years ago.

The reason his IQ is so low, is because he tests horribly. He gets stressed out and has a meltdown.

Little Man is smart, too smart for his own good… the problem is that he knows not how to use that intelligence.

He learns so differently – things he’s interested in, stuff like science and animal facts stick with him like glue… but I know that I’ve told that child “If it’s not yours don’t touch it” at least once a day every day for 9 years…. and he still can’t remember that he’s not supposed to touch things that do not belong to him.

A typical conversation in our house:

Me:”Little Man, why are you holding that clock upside down?”

LM:”I wanted to see it”…

Me: “Umm… is it yours??”

LM: “no”

Me: “Well, can you please put it down, you know you aren’t supposed to touch that”

LM: “I forgot”

It’s like the part of his brain that learns what is right and wrong, and how to behave is closed for repairs – and the part of his brain that wants to know how everything works is open for business and working overtime!

We know that this is part of his disability, have talked to many doctors, therapists, and parents… they all say the same thing – it’s typical for kids on the spectrum. Not much you can do about it.

My son has so much to offer, I hope they’re wrong…. a mind like his is a terrible thing to lock away.



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