Happy Easter

I just wanted to post a quick weekend wrap up! I’ve been concentrating on the  A-Z April Blogging Challenge all week and thought a quick personal post would be nice for a change.

Things have been wonderful this week – I’ve had my grandson, and it has really been special for me. I know my daughter misses him so much, but it is nice to be able to give her a break. I’ll be heading to her place on Friday of this week, and don’t know how long I’ll be staying – until my new grandson makes his appearance in a couple of weeks I’m sure!

We have heard news about Our Guy – and its not good. Apparently there was a mishap, and they were forced to baker act him. He spent a few days in the hospital for stabilization, and now he’s home but on some sort of probation that requires therapy – if he misses any of his appointments he could go to jail. We’re not pleased, nor are we surprised. We warned his bio mom that there would be problems, and that she would likely not be able to control him if he had a meltdown, and we were correct. But, this is what he has chosen for himself, and there is nothing we can do for him, or about his situation.

Our Girl got to go to Chicago with her second cousin and her family, and had a great time, except that it was cold! I told her it was called the windy city for a reason. 🙂 She got to visit an actual museum for the first time – the Field Museum. She really enjoyed herself  and got to spend time with family that she loves. I’m so glad that my husband and his cousin’s kids can begin to foster a close relationship!

Little Man has had a great week, even though he’s suffering from a perceived lack of attention with the baby here. He is jealous, because we have to do so much for the baby – that we won’t do for him. I have to remind him frequently that the baby is only 2 – he’s 16, of course we have to do everything for him…

Well, I guess that’s it for a weekly wrap-up. I hope you all have a truly blessed Easter!

Happy Sunday!


4 thoughts on “Happy Easter

  1. Happy Easter!! Your grandson is adorable….happiness and fun shows all over that little face. Have a wonderful day! Hugs

  2. I thought at first that Our Guy and Little Man were one and the same. Was horrified that Bio-Mom got her hands on him again! Glad that’s not the case but so sorry there is another child(?) in trouble! We have been dealing with an adult child with addictions and emotional/mental illness for a couple of years now so I know that some times there is nothing we can do. It sure is painful to watch them self-destruct though!

    • Yes, Our Guy is Little Man’s older brother – he lived through all the same abuse as Little Man, but was not as badly affected. He made the arrangements to go back to his mother’s on his own, behind our backs. We’re not sure what his reasoning was, and we are shocked that he chose this route… but with him being 17 we are powerless to really stop him. Little Man won’t see bio-mom again, at least not on MY watch!

      • Can’t say as I blame you for that one! I have 3 adult step children, 1 of whom has decided to embrace his mom (even though she saw him maybe 2 or 3 times between ages 3 and 18) and has told us we are no longer family. It’s hard! But what can you do!

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