G – is for Greatness A-Z Blog Challenge Day 7

I’ve talked a lot this week about the trials and tribulations of being a special needs parent. Today I want to talk about the greatness that lives within my son.

Little Man is smart, funny, oh so funny, lovable and sweet.  He is very intelligent and has some pretty wild ideas. Locked inside that head of his is a super genius waiting to get out.

I can honestly say out of the seven kids I’ve raised – four typical and three special needs, Little Man is the most fun.

As parents we hear all the time that other’s don’t know how we do what we do… and all I can say is that we just do it. One day at a time… one great moment at a time. Yes, it’s challenging, yes it is tiring… we. are. exhausted. BUT – we are also surrounded by greatness in our son, and that makes it all worth while!

Happy Saturday!

3 thoughts on “G – is for Greatness A-Z Blog Challenge Day 7

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  2. Isn’t it interesting how we all pray for perfect children and then when we have one with challenges … we realize that this child (imperfect to society) is perfect for our family! God is good!

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