F is for Functionality A-Z Blog Challenge Day 6

F is for Functionality.

Generally, autistic children are identified as “high functioning” or “low functioning”. There are lots that are some where in between.

Autism spectrum

Autism spectrum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If our son had actually been diagnosed with autism, he would definitely fall into the High Function or Aspbergers range. He is able to speak, and do basic functions for himself. However he is unable to choose his own clothing – if he does we wind up with him looking somewhat like an overdressed circus clown. He can bathe himself, but has to be supervised because the bathtub is upstairs and we can’t have water all over the floor in there… because if we do it comes through the living room ceiling.

He does not have great communication skills. He is unable to make eye contact and hates physical contact; he doesn’t want to be touched.

Our function as parents is not diminished as we weave a way through this world we’ve been thrust into, but our ability to function as people outside our persona as parents is impaired.

We have few friends – something we have in common with our son. So few people understand our world, our life, our plight that hesitate to let them in, feeling if we do we will be judged. Or that our son will be judged and that’s not something we choose to allow.

All in all it’s a decent life, we are not surrounded by people who are merely ‘hanging around’ but people who genuinely care about us and want to help. That makes it bearable.

Happy Friday!




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