C – is for Challenges A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 3

C – is for Challenges. Something we face daily in our world of Autism. Our son has so many strengths; he’s intelligent, witty, loveable, handsome, and more..

But there are challenges that we all face every day.

Our son has social challenges, he is unaware of the appropriate way to interact with others. He does not have the skills necessary to hold conversations with others, or even to play at a playground. He becomes so hyper-focused on what he’s doing that he loses track of anything going on around him. So if he’s at the playground and there are small children around, he becomes an immediate danger, because he doesn’t pay attention to them in relation to himself. He’s so big (at almost 6 feet) that it intimidates other parents, they fear for their children. Several have considered him a “predator”… why else would a 16 year old be completely content to play on a little kids playground? Well, because he’s autistic… because he’s 10 years developmentally delayed – and even though he looks 16 he’s really only 6 inside that big old body of his…

He is unable to connect with kids his own age, they don’t understand him, and he doesn’t understand them.

When he is in a group such as a school or group therapy setting, he gets really nervous and upset, and often comes home with stories of bullying… which in most situations are just schizophrenic imaginings because he’s never in a setting of any type where he is unsupervised.

He takes the stories and memories of others and tries to make them his own. He will often come and tell us that something happened to him, and we can directly draw back to a situation or story he’s heard about someone else having the exact same thing having happened to them. Apparently his life is not exciting enough… he has to make up history that was never really there.

Which brings me to his greatest challenge – therapy. He refuses to participate. He won’t tell the therapist the things that really happened to him – only these stories that he has manufactured. At one point during his hospitalization the therapist told us that he just refused to talk about his past in real terms. If he doesn’t do that – he will never make any progress, because according to all the professionals – the PTSD is what’s standing in the way. The only way to treat the PTSD is therapy, and he won’t participate in therapy.

We’ve tried many, many forms… new ones, old ones, and trial therapies. none of them have ever been effective enough to continue based on doctors and therapist reports.

And that is our biggest challenge; searching for the right therapy for our son – finding the things that work for him and the things that don’t. Getting him to the right doctors, finding the right “drug cocktail”. helping him find and keep friends that are of the appropriate age group and understand his disabilities.

We are challenged with patience, keeping from being angry, providing unconditional love, and just being there. Daily.

It’s a challenging life, but not one I would trade for any other. I love my little man, and everything he brings to the table.

Happy Tuesday!


3 thoughts on “C – is for Challenges A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 3

  1. He is so blessed that you are in his corner. I pray that you will find the key to unlocking the secrets he is hiding … even from himself and that you, and he, will be blessed with friends willing to love and support all of you right where you are!

  2. I do hope you will find the therapy you need for him, and that he will participate in! Sounds like he is a pretty big blessing to you!

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