B – is for Blue A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 2

Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It just so happens that today, April 2 is Light it Up Blue for Autism day! Places all over the world are shining a blue light for Autism awareness and I thought today being our “B” day at the blogging challenge, would be a great day to talk about how we’re celebrating Light It Up Blue!

Firstly of course you have the blue bulbs that Home Depot so graciously sold for the event – we have two, one in the front porch and one in the front outside light.

Our kids, meaning ours and our best friends with whom we now live, try to keep up here… have decided they wanted to do something special too… so this is their contribution to the Light It Up Blue campaign:

Blue for Autism Awareness

Autism Speaks

It's Time to Listen

Yes, we wrote on them with marker – they had a great time…

Then my Bestie’s youngest son and my daughter did these great signs to put in the windows to help further awareness – and explain why we had these crazy blue bulbs shining out into the night!

Don’t forget – it’s not too late for you to Light It Up Blue for Autism Awareness! We’ll be keeping our light on all month long!

Light It Up Blue

Light It Up Blue (Photo credit: plushoff)

And on a non-Autism related note, I’m picking up my precious grandson today for a couple of weeks while mommy tries to get some rest in the last few weeks of her pregnancy with the new baby. He is gonna be so spoiled by the time he goes home to mommy! LOL

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “B – is for Blue A-Z Blogging Challenge Day 2

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  2. I love this post! We have several family members and neighbors who’s children have autism. I haven’t seen or heard about the blue lights, but will be checking around the neighborhood now to see if they are up.

    I love the blue hair! Great show of support!

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