Things your child can teach you.

Yep, it’s Thursday – meaning it’s time for:

Today I’m choosing prompt 2.) Things your child can teach you.

As most of you know I’m raising a special needs child. We call him Little Man around here – and it would take a book to tell you  everything he’s taught me.

Some of the lessons have been hard, like having to have him hospitalized for a year and five months, because that was what was best for him.

Other lessons have been easy, like learning that having a six-year-old in a sixteen year old body can be pretty funny at times. Yes, I find humor in his antics – I have to… see if I don’t laugh – I might never stop crying.

He has taught me  humility, compassion, unconditional love, and patience. He has taught me that my “typical” children were a true blessing to never be taken for granted. He has taught me that I do have much more strength than I ever thought I could.

He has taught me that even when I don’t want to do something, I have to build up the courage and strength to do it, because he does.

He has taught me how intelligent the autistic mind can be, regardless of what is IQ score says.

He has taught me that even though I thought I’d be “done” actively parenting now, God’s plan for my life is different – and I just need to accept the things I cannot change and move on.

He has taught me courage to face each day with the innocence of a child.

He has taught me that a child does not have to come from your body to be yours. I didn’t give birth to him, and he didn’t come into my life until he was eight years old, but I wouldn’t say that to anyone – he is my child, through and through and I love him deeply.

Mostly, he has taught me that regardless of his deficiencies, he has amazing strengths that make him who he is; my child… m

Little Man, being goofy!

y beloved boy.

15 thoughts on “Things your child can teach you.

  1. I strongly believe that children today who are special needs are in fact very intuitive and have many gifts to share with our world. I am currently working on a curriculum to help create a different school system for not only what we describe as “normal” children to those with special needs. It sounds like your child is more of a master and a leader because look at what he has already taught you. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing! Tamara

  2. Thank you ladies, I appreciate the comments! It is a challenge living day to day with our Little Man, but it is a challenge well worth meeting. God has showed me so much about myself through him that he is truly, truly a blessing in my life – and I’m glad I made the choice to become his mother.

  3. So true! My daughter was born with an eye that wouldn’t open and some other issues and what it has really taught me is that perfection can be found in ALL things. Love to you and your Little Man:-)

  4. What amazing and difficult lessons to learn! And what a journey this must be for you…new lessons everyday I’m sure. Big hugs to your guy for being so brave in this big place!

  5. There’s beauty and celebration in this ,but so much honesty, too. It isn’t easy being a parent of a special needs child. I love that you are honest with this. But these are amazingly special people, and a gift to the world.

  6. Shoot. I didn’t realize this was using my very old and never used wordpress blog. I post on blogger- I updated my site in this reply, so if you click my name, it should take you there.

    And I just love your site- I’ve checked out a couple posts.

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