A new day…

I got up this morning and was greeted at my bedroom door by two pups… both of course ready for their morning constitutional – which I hate to do before coffee, but I hate cleaning up after them even more… I came downstairs to a fresh pot of coffee and my best friends quietly working away at their computers.

I am truly blessed. My life is full and rich with friends and family surrounding me. I watch my Facebook feed and see the trials and tribulations of those around me, knowing that I’ve been there in most cases, and offer words of encouragement and prayer to those in need.

As I logged in here today, to write I noticed a spike in visits to my little home on the web, and was again truly blessed – someone is reading the words I pour out here, hopefully becoming encouraged, inspired, or at the least smiling.

I am surrounded daily by those who love and respect me, and I cry out at night to God who don’t have that. I pray daily for those in pain and suffering. As I try to more deeply cultivate my relationship with Him, I find myself looking at the pain of others and thanking Him more and more each day for the blessings He has bestowed upon me.

So… on that note – I’m  planning (notice the word planning…) a series of posts, they may be weekly they may be monthly on exactly what lessons I have learned from the events in my life, the things He has taught me, and brought me to understand over the last five years. I hope to encourage others with these posts. I hope you’ll come around and visit and see what’s new!

For all those who are new to my blog, thank you for coming by, thank you for reading… each and every visit means so very much to me!

Happy Thursday,


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